Your Perfect Massage!


Therapeutic Massage


Whether you're looking to relax after daily stress or looking for relief of tight muscles, I am your Therapist. Your therapeutic massage will be personalized to what your needs are. I typically do a full body massage with pressure that is determined by you. Massage has a lot of benefits. I aim to improve your circulation, relax your neuromuscular system, and reduce stiffness, soreness and pain. I also incorporate passive stretching as your body allows to help improve range of motion. 


Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique that focuses on deep compression and long strokes over the entire body. With the help of gravity and my body weight I will deliver a deep, yet relaxing massage to ensure beneficial changes within your body's soft tissue. I will be holding onto bars above the table for support and balance to deliver your perfect pressure!


Structural Release of the Shoulders

Do you have forward rounded shoulders? This is a very common postural issue in society today with many different careers and everyday activities. When you have good posture your muscles are in the correct locations causing gravity to flow more freely through your body. However, when our shoulders become rounded forward, certain muscles tighten and certain muscles lengthen causing poor posture and pain. This 90 minutes process of stretching and deep specific pressure will help to correct this problem. You will walk out                                             feeling refreshed! 


Structural Release of the Hips

Have you ever experienced discomfort or pain in your hips, lower back, or legs? This appointment is for you! 90 minutes of stretching techniques as well as deep pressure on muscles surrounding the hip joint to give you relief and help realign your muscles. 



Structural Release of the Low leg/foot and forearm/hand


Plantar Fasciitis? Shin Splints? Forearm/wrist tightness? This is for you! 90 minutes of working the soft tissues and muslces of the lower leg and all around the foot and ankle, as well as forearm, wrist, and hand! 



Structural Release of the Posterior Pelvis


Glute tightness or pain? Low back pain? This 90 minute appointment is all about the booty! Releasing tight muscles and wound up fascia through stretching techniques and deep pressure into the soft tissues around the posterior pelvis. 


Structural Release of the Low Back/Quadratus Lumborum


This 90 minute appointment is perfect for anyone experiencing low back pain that is coming from the tightness of the quadratus lumborum, or the Psoas. By combining stretching techniques as well as applied deep pressure to the surrounding soft tissues of the low back, you will experience relief of low back pain. 


Working in the fitness industry it is very obvious how much we work our legs both in the gym and outside of the gym. This 90 minute appointment is aimed at releasing tension in the font of the thigh (quadriceps) as well as the inner thigh (adductors) through stretching techniques and deep specific pressure. When these muscles get tight they pull other structures out of alignment and can cause pain in the hips low back, knees, feet, and other areas of the body.


structural release of the hamstrings

Like the quads, the hamstrings work hard in and out of the gym daily. Tightness in the back side of the legs can also pull body structures out of alignment and contribute to pain in te low back, hips glutes, calves, etc. Through stretching and deep specific pressure to the posterior leg, you will leave this 90 minutes appointment less tense and better aligned.



Cupping therapy is a technique using suction cups to pull the skin and tissues up allowing the blood vessels to expand. This, in turn, causes blood to move more freely allowing oxygenated and nutrient rich blood to flood your muscles and surrounding tissues. The increase in circulation of oxygenated blood allows for quicker healing to any damage or injuries. (I use silicone cups (as pictured). I do not use any form of heat in my cupping practice)